Bri 333 is a singer and songwriter from Illinois. Her roots are South African and Italian. On both sides music has always been a main focus. When her mother was carrying bri, she used to place headphones on her belly when playing classical music, so she's been a lover of music ever since she came into existence. From a young age she was attending opera and orchestras, and her parents enrolled her in piano at 9 after she expressed she wanted to learn how to make the music she heard in ballet class. Shortly after she started singing and taking part in plays with an acting camp, even getting the lead as the ugly duckling. All through 
highschool she attended guitar and vocal lessons at a performing arts school. During this time she recorded original songs and covers in her room, but they have never been released. She was always writing but never anything she could see herself recording and releasing, until 2019. That year was dark but gave her the material she needed to move forward and create what she always wanted to. Late 2019 she recorded and released her first single “ICU In Me”, what her 
listeners call “a certified classic”, as well as “Beautiful End”, a song about the struggle of loving a woman and a man at once. The following year she released the single “Under pressure” as well as No.9, a song for lovers. In 2022, With the help of a talented music consultant, “Under Pressure Stonebridge anthem mix” was created. She never planned to stick to one genre because she's always had equal interest and passion for all types of music. She hopes to show her love for r&b, afropop, dance, hard and classic rock, blues, and classical music in new ways 
in the near future. She is currently working on her first EP, and her currently being an Independent artist leaves her with creating and executing her plan, which she expressed was “difficult but rewarding”.