WHO IS Xematria?

After taking time offline to redirect her focus and music career, R&b artist "Bri 333" decided to reintroduce herself as "Xematria". Her goal with a change in stage name stems from the ever changing form of an artist, their work, and form of expression. She relayed she feels her current name choice feels right for where she wants to take her career, and that she is fully trusting the process by embracing change.

Xematria, formerly known as Bri 333, is a singer/songwriter born and raised in Illinois. Her roots are South African and Italian. Shortly after she took interest in singing and poetry at age 6,  she began her journey as an artist.  All throughout high school she attended guitar and vocal lessons, as well as ballet and pointe at a performing arts school. During this time she recorded original songs and covers in her room, but they have never been released. She was always writing, but it was never material she could see herself recording and releasing, until 2019. That year was dark but gave her the material she needed to move forward and create the art she desired to share with the world. Late 2019 she recorded and released her first single “ICU In Me”, what her listeners call “a certified classic”, as well as “Beautiful End”, a dreamy yet sassy single. She released her next single “Under pressure”, as well as "No.9",  "Break me down" and "Potentia",  Her first radio play was a Stonebridge anthem mix of her song "Under Pressure" in 2022. Xematria  is currently working on numerous singles and her first EP.  Being an independent artist leaves her with creating and executing her plan, which she expressed was “difficult but rewarding... my fanbase and the way they express how my music makes them feel means the world to me and is great motivation. They are truly some of the most kind hearted people I've spoken to, and Im so grateful that music is what connects us all”.  Her next Project "Solitude" will be available this September.